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1 day research ORIGEN with Juan Tirado at b12

JUAN TIRADO (frantics dance company / johannes wieland)

when: 16th july 2017 / 1:30pm – 5:30pm

where: Berlin, Germany

“origen” is a very physical, dynamic and emotional experience. it is about coming back to the origins, to the simple question: why do we dance? the workshop starts with a warm up based on different improvisation techniques for the body/brain, giving the opportunity to the student to share his/her own personal story.

his philosophy is to create different atmospheres with the dancers, driving them so they can reach a high energetic trance, a point of no return. being originally a breakdancer, he will also bring his own concept of floor movements, giving the student the opportunity to also feel the organic contemporary floorwork, with the sharpness and the energetic breakdance facet.

juan is a multidisciplinary dancer and computer engineer coming from south spain. he started his artistic life at the age of 8 making martial arts, going after into a deep study of computing and mathematics. in 2004, he discovered a group of bboys dancing and, some time after, founded with his best friend the group “freneticos”. they started travelling around europe, competing in international events, learning and sharing with the best bboys in the world.

afterwards he decided to attend a school of performing arts and then immediately after, he started to attend workshops of the best teachers worldwide. in 2013, he moved to berlin and founded with three more professional dancers “frantics dance company”. they create their pieces through exploring experimental hip-hop, contemporary dance, bboying and physical theater. their mission is to deliver a strong message to the public with an unique style of moving and performing.

since the end of 2014, he has also been a guest dancer in johannes wieland company in kassel, working since that time with johannes, sita ostheimer (hofesh shechter) and maxine doyle (punchdrunk). he is also a freelance dancer, choreographer and teacher, working mainly in germany, spain and taiwan.

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