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4-day-outreach AFRICAN CLASH with SHAFIKI SSEGGAYI at b12 (FREE)


community workshop / 18 +

when: 6th – 9th july 2017 / 7:15pm – 8:30pm

where: Berlin, Germany

the class is developed in a rich, powerful and rythmical fusion between african traditional dance and contemporary aspects of my own style. first part of the class is mainly focusing on spine actions and endurations to fully warmup the body.

the second part is usually focused on how to get into the rythm and the grounding action which gradually grows in jumps in an animalistic behaviour. and the last part is when we get loose into learning some choreography for fun.

this outreach project is free of charge!

shafiki sseggayi stole many hearts at ‘so you think you can dance netherlands’ in 2011. because of his power, energy, devotion and humble attitude he made a big impression on the jury and audience. he was born in a small african village in uganda far from the city. when he was 15 he moved to the city to his father, brothers and sisters. 6 years later he got in touch with dance and he never stopped ever since, dancing every day. dance, mostly african contemporary, brought and taught him so much in movement as well as character.

he loves to bring this dance and african mentality forward to anyone interested and make cultures meet. in uganda he was part of different companies like keiga dance company, mutumizi dance company, and latin flavor where he was performer, choreographer and teacher. because there was no dance school like in the west, he learned to choreograph and dance in his own, unique and very creative way.

he worked for wim vandekeybus in brussels in december 2013. right now he lives in germany and is very excited to work with johannes wieland / staatstheater kassel for all of next season.

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