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4-day-research PHYSICOLOGY AND TRAJECTORIES with Jos Baker at b12

JOS BAKER (peeping tom)

when: 30th june – 3rd july 2017 / 6:00pm – 10:00pm

where: Berlin, Germany

physicology works with a combination of analysis and experimentation to develop a deeper understanding of the physical principals that underpin human movement. these principals are then expanded, through both fixed material and improvisation, building to richly detailed, technical and physically challenging dance phrases.

when we move through a space it leaves a mark, not just on the air we passed through, but on the space as a whole and the people in it. trajectories looks at the pathways and shapes traced by a body, leaves a playground of possibilities behind it, and opens a wealth of movement possibilities.

after establishing the principles, we will build up to large group improvisations.

from 2008 to 2014, jos worked for peeping tom as a creator and performer in “32 rue vandenbranden” and “á louer”. he has since done various work for stage and screen and makes his own work including “what do you do?” [2015], “we were youth” (2016) “tidal breathing” [2016] and “of no fixed abode” [ongoing]. jos teaches all over the world for dance schools and festivals.

jos started his dance training with oxford youth dance and then the laban center, london and parts (performing arts research and training studios).

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