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BIDE (Barcelona International Dance Exchange) SATELLITE lab-meeting / NEW YORK 2017

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BIDE is coming to NEW YORK!

From July 12th to 16th, a 5 days lab-meeting will take place at Gibney Dance. Dance artists from all over the world are welcome to take part of this unique event!

BIDE (Barcelona International Dance Exchange) is a platform for networking and exchange for choreographers, dancers and performers. BIDE gathers professionals from performing arts field and facilitates a structure for the creative collaboration under a special format of laboratory, called B>lab.

BIDE organizes three lines of activities during the year:

1- a Lab-meeting, an event held every spring in Barcelona as well as satellite Lab-meetings in Europe and America.

2- a B>residency program in Barcelona and abroad in collaboration with many of our partners

3- Seminars and conferences to introduce the work of BIDE and the promotion of entrepreneurship in an international network.

The mission of the project is to value performing arts within the contemporary social context, encourage mobility and creative exchange between artists of different age, culture and background and promote the constructive dialogue between different ideologies and realities through dynamics of horizontal collaboration.

The aim is to connect dance artists (dancers, performers, choreographers, dance teachers) and cultural managers from all over the world in an event which is not a workshop, nor a festival or a congress.
The BIDE lab-meeting proposes to the participants to work collaboratively during five days under the structure of B>Labs. Facilitated by the BIDE team as well as the participants themselves, the B>Labs are an important setting of the project because they allow a non-hierarchic collaboration and make possible a deep knowledge’s sharing between artists coming from different countries.
BIDE is a space to get to know each other, to work collectively, to find inspiration and to enlarge the network. The focus is on performance, but also on research, pedagogy and management.

Infact within the event, in addition to the B>Labs, there is also a serie of activities thought to promote mobility, exchange, and internationalization of participants, such as:

Speed Dating: short talks between artists to get to know their profiles and realities.
NewsRoom: space of visibility, where to announce specific needs and proposals of the participants current and future projects.
B>Cultural Management Lab: As in the B>Labs movement is the driving force, BIDE also offers a B>Lab with the focus placed on the Cultural Management of institutions, organizations, and festivals that collaborate with us and are connected thanks to the network that we provide.
B>Expo: Space of visibility for BIDE collaborators to present in 6 minutes and with 20 images their program and artistic proposal for the year.
Feedback: Each morning constructive feedback sessions are modulated about the processes that each B>lab had the previous day.

In 2018 BIDE will celebrate its 10th anniversary.

Since the first edition with 6 partners and 27 participants from 12 countries, the project BIDE has kept on growing.
Through this decade more than 40 partners and 550 artists from 36 countries have crossed, met, grow and shared their vision within BIDE activities and events.


The first idea of the platform was thought in the year 2007 by Sebastian Garcia Ferro who noticed the lack of a dance encounter that helped participants both to learn and to share their own knowledge.
Inspired by the experience of the ECITE (European Contact Improvisation Teachers Exchange) congress and the COLINA project (multidisciplinary artists meeting in Portugal) and with the collaboration of Ulla Mäkinen and Daniel Werner, he decided to create the pioneer project BIDE – Barcelona International Dance Exchange.
Since then the artistic direction is still by Sebastian Garcia Ferro while the team has changed during the years and since 2015 consists of Marcela Imazio (production), Fabritia D’Intino (artistic management) Tristan Perez Martin (media and communication) Nelly Palma (exterior affairs).

After Buenos Aires (Argentina, 2014), Salerno (Italy, 2013), Outokumpu (Finand, 2012), Sevilla (Spain, 2012), Stolzenhagen (Germany, 2011) and Gottingen (Germany 2010) this July BIDE organizes its first satellite event in North America.

Where & When: Gibney Dance (New York) will host BIDE lab-meeting from July 12th to 16th.

To Apply: Applications are open at

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