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Company Overhead Project is Seeking Two Circus-Dance Performer for Their New Creation in Summer 2018

Company Overhead Project is seeking two circus-dance performer for their new creation in summer 2018

Tim Behren (artistic director/choreographer) is looking for two circus-dance performers with an acrobatic movement vocabulary and experience in floorwork (flying-low) and partnering. Must have an acrobatic discipline on the floor (dance-acrobatics, partnering/hand to hand, Cyr wheel, acrobatic-object-manipulators…) with at least three years of professional experience after graduation.

New creation 2018: MY BODY IS YOUR BODY (Working title)

“My Body is Your Body” (working title): three performers on stage with mixed background from circus and dance as well as physical interaction with the audience. This creation is the second in a specific series of productions. The series is a reflection about recent political developments in analogy to geometrical spatial arrangements for public and performers. The first production on this topic was „Surround“ (2017). „My body is your body“ will deal with the notion of delegated power in analogy to the geometrical setting in parliaments of the British model: the opposing benches.

When & Where: 28th February (Recall: 1st March) in Berlin.
8th Marchn in Tilburg

How to Apply: Please send your application to our production management Sirkka Muth: [email protected]
Please include in your Mail: city of residence, age, (circus)-discipline, formation, videolink, plus attachment of short CV and photo

For more information including production dates please visit:

Photo: © Overhead Project

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