Lo-Giudice Dance is Seeking 2 Male Dance Artists for its Upcoming Production of Savages

Lo-Giudice Dance is seeking to employ 2 male dance artists for their upcoming production of Savages

Savages is a quintet performance derived from folkloric tales and historic references of the North, fusing Scandinavian Runes, dark romance and Anthony’s choreographic vocabulary, performed to the music of Wardruna (from History Channel’s ‘The Vikings’ series).

The work will premier March 11th 2017 at Dance City and will tour theatre venues across the North of England throughout spring.

Job description:
We are seeking dance artists with a minimum of 2 years experience, confident in delivering high quality contemporary dance technique who are proficient with contact and theatre based work.
Individuals confident with the companies developing style with an ability to bring something new and exiting to this production are encouraged to apply.

As these 2 opportunities are to replace existing company members who have previously undergone the r+d stages of this work, successful candidates will be required to step into some choreographed sections for this production, whilst being creatively independent during the development of the work as a finished production.

Period of employment:
13th Feb-March 10th
Tour dates:
7 dates throughout March and April

£440 pcw
£150 performance
Travel and accommodation to artists out of the North East will be provided throughout the tour.

To Apply:
Send a showreel and CV to [email protected]
Deadline: Friday 2nd September

Visit website to learn more about this company: http://www.logiudicedance.co.uk/

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