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Tara D’Arquian is Looking for 2 Dancers to Join Her New Creation

Tara D’Arquian is looking for two dancers to join her new creation in collaboration with poet Jemima Foxtrot. Performers of all ages with excellent dancing and performance skills are invited to apply. Note that we are especially interested in meeting dancers between 30 and 60.

When?  The audition will take place on 30th of October in London.

Deadline for application is 17th of October 2016

To Apply: If you wish to be considered for this role, please send us your CV and your performance reel (or video of you moving) to [email protected].
Also please include a brief cover letter explaining why you are interested in this opportunity.

The audition is on invitation only. A pre-selection will be made based on your video and CV.

We are looking for individuals with strong personalities who have excellent contemporary dance and partnering skills, are comfortable using voice in performance, enjoy engaging in intense creative processes and working collaboratively and are available during the following rehearsal periods : 30/01-03/02 (R&D) and 27/02 – 27/03 and performance on 28th of March.

Please familiarise yourself with the work of choreographer Tara D’Arquian at

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