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The Body as an Organically Integrated Operant Tool, an Intensive at the Grotowski Institute

We will start from basic training aimed at stimulating and improving the function of the musculoskeletal system – its motor function, mobility, flexibility and stability. The focus will be on confronting psycho-physical patterns with the methodology of our practice. We are interested in awakening fresh perception, consciousness and physical sensitivity through working indoors and outdoors, including in locations that offer limited comfort. The work will involve developing our instincts, reactions and reflexes. A safe space will be created for expanding our consciousness and building up autonomy while staying in relation to other people and our environment. We will follow the path of creative expression and explore the values shaping the body-mind.
Jakub Gontarski and Agnieszka Rybak

The workshops are aimed at movement enthusiasts, actors, dancers and those interested in exploring the potential of their bodies.

The workshop is held as part of Jakub Gontarski’s and Agnieszka Rybak’s The String of the Body;
also with invited professional teachers: Kuba Adamowski( parkour), Adam Boczarski( traditional jiu – jitsu) and Bartek Sofinski( wrestling)

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Workshop components:
Preparing the body
· Warm-up
· Activating the main body centres
· Proprioceptive and neuro motor activation

Training and practice
· Visual-auditory-motor co-ordination
· Falls, flips, shock-absorption exercises, reversed positions
· Giving back weight, common centre, centrifugal force, grips, catching, intercepting, clinch counterweight, following, points of resistance and support
· Discomfort and comfort zones
· Interactive games: strategy, tactics, cunning, agility

Expression and integration
· Seeking authentic impulses and reactions
· Reading intentions and directing them
· Discovering bodily rhythm, tempo, dynamics
· Releasing creative dance expression; creativity − composition
· Conscious work to maintain tension in a relation
· Discovering bodily symbolism
· Training to release and strengthen the voice; traditional Afro-Brazilian songs
· Body-emotion-mind integration
· Psychosomatic ways of reducing body tension, relax

When: From 26 July to 3 August 2017

Where :
Brzezinka, forest base of the Grotowski Institute, Poland

Deadline for applications: 5 July 2017

How to apply:
Fill the application form available here:

Places are limited. Applicants will be accepted on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Costs for participants:
Fee: 1600 PLN
The fee includes accommodation and full board (vegetarian, vegan or with meat). The organisers can arrange transport from Oleśnica to Brzezinka.

To secure your workshop spot please pay a non-refundable advance of 400 PLN to the following bank account: IBAN PL98 1020 5226 0000 6602 0416 7565, SWIFT BPKOPLPW, by 5 July 2017, providing your full name and including the words ‘The Body as an Organically Integrated Operant Tool’ for reference purposes.

Contact details:
[email protected]

More information:

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