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A Dublin-based director is working on an exciting music video, which will tell the story of 2 women (both aged 18-25); one is a dancer and the other is a fighter (MMA). We’ll see them in a dancehall and in a gym, both of them practicing. We are going to be looking for and creating the parallels between the two activities through the images and the editing. As the song and the video progress, we’ll begin to see the two reacting to and in parallel with one another’s movements, even though they aren’t physically in the same room (e.g. our fighter will throw a right handed jab and our dancer will pull her head to the left).  A full visual treatment can be viewed here.

The song is a trad-irish tune composed and performed by a young trad group. They are releasing their 3rd album and they wanted to create a video that offers something fresh and reflective of their generation.  The approach is to provide something unexpected in the context of traditional irish music and would stand out as something that connects with a younger audience.

Details & Contact:

  • Dancers & Choreographer(s) needed to prepare movement prior to shoot.
  • Dates of Shoot: 02 & 03 April. Brian hopes to meet with interested individuals and/or see them in the studio within the next week. Evenings and weekends are not a problem.
  • This is a passion project endeavour and, as such, there is no budget to make payments beyond travel costs and meals for the shoot days. There is a very strong team behind this video who are confident in creating a really high quality and exciting visual piece and look forward to collaborating with dancers in the process.
  • If you are interested, please get in touch with Brian at [email protected] or 0870698405.

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