Emmeline Cresswell Company are Looking for Performers

Emmeline Cresswell Company are looking for performers interested in joining us for an R&D period to develop the company’s new and playful work “Goat Song”.

We are looking for performers who are interested in connecting with processes of animal transformation and are strong exploring contact improvisation. Ideally you will like or love goats.

The work will be performed on January 26th 2017 as part of The Place’s Resolution season.

When? The audition will be held on Monday 24th October 2016 in London.

To Apply: If you would like to apply and join us for the audition then please send your CV and video along with a statement of interest to: [email protected]

There is a contribution to expenses of each performer of £100 and a copy of video footage of the performance.

More information on previous works can be found at: www.emmelinecresswell.com

Photo by © Charlotte Levy

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