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Opinion Public Dance Company is Looking for 1 Female Dancer for the New Creation in December 2017

Opinion Public dance company is looking for 1 female dancer with excellent classical and contemporary dance technique (floorwork, partnering) and stage experience for the new creation in December 2017.

You should be available during the following periods :

02-13/10/2017 Studio rehearsal
06-30/11/2017 Studio rehearsal
01-02/12/2017 Stage rehearsal
05-09/12/2017 Shows
12-13/01/2018 Stage rehearsal and Show
17-18/04/2018 Stage rehearsal and Show

Audition date: 24 September 2017

Where: Belgium

To Apply: For more information about the audition and the contract conditions, please send your CV to [email protected]

Visit website to learn more about the company:

Photo © Charlotte Sampermans
tags: Belgium, Europe

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