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Performance Project BRIC A BRAC BABY by Maxine Doyle at b12

MAXINE DOYLE – Associated director and choreographer of Punchdrunk

Each performance project is limited to around 15 people. The performance projects last for 1, 2 or 3 weeks. As a closer of the festival, they will be presented all together two times in dock 11, a theater in the center of Berlin.

Where: Berlin, Germany

Maxine Doyles performance project runs 2 weeks (13 workshop days):
3rd through the 14th of July 2017 during 10:30am – 2:30pm /
15th and 16th of July 2017 during 1:00pm – 3:00pm / no rehearsal on the 9th of July / 2 evening performances on the 15th and 16th of July with extra rehearsals.

Application Deadline is April 2nd 2017.


“for all of us have a basic, intuitive feeling that once we were whole and well: at ease, at peace, at home in the world; totally united with the grounds of our being; and that then we lost this primal, happy, innocent state, and fell into our present sickness and suffering. we had something of infinite beauty and preciousness – and we lost it; we spend our lives searching for what we have lost; and one day, perhaps we will suddenly find it. and this will be the miracle, the millennium.” – oliver sacks (awakenings)

“I’m interested in examining our physiological bric-a-brac – our internal junk shop of thoughts – our jumble sale of memories. we’ll take a variety of sources into the studio – namely some of the work of dr oliver sacks, charles darwin’s writings on emotion and some of leonardo da vinci’s representations of emotive states. we’ll ask some questions and attempt to find our theatrical and choreographic responses and then we’ll weave it all together and make something.”

do you know me?
do you recognise me?
can you hear me?
do you know who i am?
who am i?
do you know who i am?
who am i?
do you know who i am?
who am i?
can you hear me?
can you understand me?
do you remember nothing of where you’ve been?
do you remember nothing of all that has happened to you?
are you not tired?
what is the question?
were you?
you danced in narrow spaces?

(taken out of context from a kind of alaska by harold pinter).

For more information and further workshops please visit:

To Apply: In order to apply send an email at researchordie[at] with the workshops you would like to take and a short bio. You can also provide a video link and a short paragraph about your motivation for each workshop. No must. Once received, will be followed up with a personalized email confirmation.


Maxine is an independent choreographer and director. she is also associate director and choreographer for punchdrunk, with whom she co-directed the multi-award winning “sleep no more” (london, boston, new york, shanghai),“the drowned man”, “the house where winter lives”, “the firebird ball”, “faust”, “masque of the red death”, “tunnel 228”, “the duchess of malfi” (an operatic collaboration with english national opera and thorsten rasch) and “the yellow wallpaper”.

maxine has an ma in choreography from the laban centre and is a recipient of the bonnie bird choreography award. she was artistic director of first person dance company from 1996 – 2003 touring works, such as “deja deux”, “in the face of a stranger”, “plastic chill” and “it’s only a gameshow”. in 2006, she was a place prize semi-finalist with “forest”.

her work for theatre includes: evening at the talk house (national theatre); electra (old vic); the changeling (young vic); hamlet (young vic); the children’s hour (the west end); timon of athens (the globe) and every good boy deserves favour (national theatre). opera includes: faust (baden baden) and the cunning little vixen (glyndebourne). work for brands includes: luis vuitton and selfridges.

maxine’s most recent dance theatre creation for the stage “after lethe” premiered at staastheater kassel in may, 2016. maxine is also a principle artist at springboard danse montréal, where she created “hubris” (2015) and “electric sheep (2016). future projects include a new creation with strut dance, perth, australia for 2018. maxine’s international workshop series “tension states: amplifications of the human condition” will begin january, 2017. maxine will also be leading a series of performance workshops at punchdrunk’s “enrichment village” throughout 2017.


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