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Spinal Wonder, Axis Syllabus Weekend Workshop

Spinal Wonder, Axis Syllabus Weekend Workshop, 2/3/4 of December

Spinal Wonder
The spine will be the theme of this week-end, a dynamic and complex structure, essential to movement organisation. The delicate and robust spinal column has been morphing along the evolutionary timeline to channel and distribute forces in an efficient manner. We will work on understanding and perceiving the specific issues of our vertical posture and the locomotive role of this structure

Antoine Ragot :
’10 years ago, as i was involved with contact-improvisation and dance, i ran into this enthusiast Axis Syllabus community.
I met people focused on human movement, everyday day, untiringly, passionate, stubborn, bright, some of them going to auditions to get a job, some of them not interested by a position in a dance company, some of them not considering themselves as dancers, some with persistent back pain, physiotherapists and clowns, musicians and acrobats, i remember some people being there almost coincidentally, all of us soaking in class and thriving for the movement inquiry.

Progressively, my commitment to this exciting research became stronger, a matrix growing via diverse resources. I also found the warmth of a community.
Axis Syllabus (AS) is a bridge between movement practice and the abundant theoretical research on human body. AS is practicing attention, differentiation and integration. AS is a movement analysis. AS is an invitation to train, move and dance together. AS is a community focused on movement of human body. And the transmission of this network of information is an integral aspect of this vast and ambitious project… Thus, AS is a contemporary educational initiative.’
Antoine Ragot

If you want to see for yourself, participate, be challenged, or discover something new, refreshing and stimulating… you can join the upcoming workshop in Brussels- december 2 to 4.
You will also find a Antoine’s biography on our new community website:

Pratical details :
Contact: Email: [email protected]

2 to 4 of December
Friday: 18h30 to 20h30
Saturday: 13h00 to 15h00 – 15h30 to 17h30
Sunday: 10h00 to 12h00 -12h30 to 14h30

Studio Hybrid: Rue de L’Intendant 111, 1080 Brussels (Metro/Tram Ribaucourt)

3 day workshop: 90 Euros
Fri/Sat: 70 Euros
Sat/Sun: 80 Euros

Please transfer the necessary amount to the corresponding account “Cie Tout est Mû” asbl: BE29 5230 8083 8764.
Please as well, write under the “communication”: your name + Workshop title.

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