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Thomas Michael Voss is Looking for 10 Male Dancers

Ex Laban choreographer Thomas Michael Voss is looking for 10 male dancers any age, any backgrounds, experiences in team sports such as Rugby, Football, Hockey very welcome.

Performance will premier at Resolution 2017 at the Place on 1st February 2017. The piece will look at issues such as bullying – disability – stereotypical masculinity and will involve working with a disabled person.

TMV is looking for creative, open minded, strong and confident dancers/ performers with contact improvisation and acting (without lines) skills.
The music will be specifically composed collaborating with an opera singer, harpist, violinist and cellist and the whole process as well as the performance will be professionally filmed.

As it stands at the moment this will be profit share, but currently looking into Funding.

Rehearsals can be flexible, but ideally will take place between 9th January 2017 – 1st February 2017.

To Apply: CV and Picture to [email protected]

When? Audition likely to be in December exact date tbc and by invitation only.

When? London, UK

Application deadline: 30th November 2016.

Visit website to learn more about TMV:

Photo: Thomas Michael Voss | Photo by © Chris Parsons

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