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Review: Didy Veldman’s new production researches the nuts and bolts of this human obsession that is Happiness

What happiness is cannot be condensed in one sole answer, mainly because there isn’t a universal way to it but there are infinite. Renowned choreographer Didy Veldman presents ‘The Happiness Project’ as the cover letter to introduce her own new company Umanoove.

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Review: Aurora a Choreography by Meytal Blanaru

As part of “An Artistic Identity Swap” between Les Brigittines and beursschouwburg, Meytal Blanaru performed her deeply researched solo, Aurora, on April 20, 2017, which had originally premiered in 2014.

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Review: Mockumentary of a Contemporary Saviour by Wim Vandekeybus / Ultima Vez

Mockumentary deals with death, love, limbo, sex, and ritual – often calling on the audience to question their own purpose within the work as well as the world. It continually questions the idea of God, taking the viewer on a journey of revelations.

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